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Reduces cellulite on the legs, arms and waist
Reduces the visibility of stretch marks
Improves blood circulation
Strengthens immunity and overall health
Reduces swelling and muscle cramps
Slimmer and firmer legs in just 2 weeks
All-natural and non-invasive
Promotes metabolism
Improves skin’s underlying health

| You can say goodbye to cellulite

15 minutes a day for cellulite-free skin.

Completely natural and non-invasive. Cellulite is significantly reduced with stimulation, increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Our high-tech foam literally does the work for you. We all love a good massage - especially one that reduces cellulite.

A firmer skin

The anti-cellulite massage stimulates the deep layers of the skin and muscles, encouraging the flow of oxygenated blood to the area, which provides the necessary nutrients to improve the condition of your skin, while helping the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and excess fluid.

| Results in just 14 days

Improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Since cellulite is caused by pockets of body fat that rise to the surface of the fascia, just below the dermis, the idea is that increasing circulation in the affected area strengthens the fascia and prevents fat cells from passing through it to cause more dimpling.

Saves $150

the price of a consultation with a plastic surgeon

Cellulite is a problem I've struggled with all my life.

And although I eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, I still have problem areas that I would like to correct. In about two weeks, the Belana Roller has made a huge difference in my outer thighs! Even my husband noticed! Now my mom and two sisters are using it too.

Julie B.

| How to use the Belana roller

Facia loves heat, so warm up with a few minutes of low-impact cardio, if you can.

For best results use it on your bare skin & with a cellulite cream, (coconut) oil or lotions to help the Belana Roller glide.

Begin rolling it over your skin up and down - just like when foam rolling. When you hit a trigger point or tight spot, sit and work on that spot for 30 to 60 seconds as it slowly dissipates. We recommend 5 to 15 minutes per body zone total.

Because your fascia is all connected, remember to roll other body parts as well and not just your “trouble areas”.

After rolling, we recommend hydrating. You can roll as often as you’d like, just be careful not to roll over bruised areas.


When dealing with tight muscles, you need to be careful how much pressure you put on the area.

Made with environmentally friendly materials, our Fit and Roll foam has been carefully selected to apply the perfect amount of pressure and allow for muscle recovery, pain relief and improved flexibility.


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